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2. Disclaimer

a) Contents

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4. Data privacy

a) pollen data

Pollen data which are displayed according to your daily whereabouts originate from various data owners. They are members of the European Aeroallergen Network EAN. The curves show the mean values of the region where you have stayed on the respective day. Data result from microscopical analysis, which is very time consuming and performed in most cases once a week. For this reason, a delay of several days is usual. Furthermore, different centres submit their data on different days of the week. However, in order to keep the data supply times as short as possible, data is brought up-to-date several times a day.

For the UK, for reasons of data protection data is not available at the time.

Data is provided by the owners for the purpose of the patient’s hayfever diary for free. Nevertheless, the users have no right for access to numerical data nor for continuity of provision of these data. Data providers reserve the right for termination of data provision without indication of reasons.

b) personal data

Data supplied by the users are strictly confidential and must not be given to third parties without the consent of the user. Every user has the exclusive insight to his/her own data which is password protected.

Every user accepts that his/her symptom score in connection with the appropriate pollen count will be anonymously pooled with other user’s scores and statistically examined by the experts of for improvement of pollen forecasts and determination of threshold values.

5. Miscellaneous

The law of the Republic of Austria is exclusively valid for the pages of

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